randall c smith    fine art


Randall C Smith was born in Orlando Florida a couple of years ago. His Father was transfered to Orlando to help open McCoy Air Force Base during the height of the cold war. Randall grew up as Orlando grew. He watched the first rockets launched from the then Cape Canaveral from his back porch. When Disney moved in, the area really grew. Randall attended Seminole State College and the University of Central Florida, earning a BFA in drawing. Randall started doing sidewalk art shows while still in college and continues to do shows around the country. Randall's work has been exhibited in numerous galley and museum exhibits and has won numerous awards and grants. His work is represented in homes, corporations and museum's perament collections.

Randall and his wife currently live just outside of Asheville North Carolina where they have their studios and a new Lab puppy.  They continue to create new work and find time for hiking and fishing in western North Carolina.